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Join Us As A FiaVest Authorised Training Centre (ATC)
What is FiaVest ATC
FiaVest Authorised Training Centre, ATC is an entity that has been authorised by FiaVest Academy to
  • sell FiaVest Membership and
  • provide training classes according to FiaVest Training Material

  • ATC MUST strictly follow packages and training according to FiaVest Academy and is strictly not allowed to provide training with material out of FiaVest
Be Our ATC
Basic requirements:
  • A remisier from our Broking House Partner
  • A training centre to provide training classes
  • A certified FiaVestology Trainer
  • We will provide you
  • System & FiaVestology training & training meterial
  • System second level support
Your Revenue
Membership Sign Up
  • Training Fee (according to FiaVest packaging and pricing)
  • Membership Renewal
  • Commission according to membership type
  • Additional Services
  • Any additional training or services that approved by FiaVest Academy
* Terms and conditions applied!