Everyday Fiavest Academy Trainer will update the general market condition to the public for the purpose of notifying the market participants about the current market trend and its condition.

FiaVest Academy used the PIE CHART as above showing that the total quantity of counter which is Price >= ema5 and Price<=ema5 in the stock market.

Question :

What does FiaVest Trend Tracker mean?

And how does it supposed to help and informative to market participants?

Here are the explanations:

First, let’s look at the 5ema. EMA is stand for Exponential Moving Average, it is a common analysis indicator in the stock market which to indicate the momentum of the price movement and the average cost of the price of the stock.

The number of 5 in front of EMA [5EMA] which is a parameter inserted into the EMA to calculate the average cost of the stock in a specific time of period. For this example: it is 5EMA, this means 5 days Exponential Moving Average, 5 days average cost.

Second, the important of 5EMA is to let us as a market trader understand that the current market trend. Current price is more than the 5EMA which means the short term traders are now start or continue supporting the counter or the market and creating the short term momentum which is good. The chance to make money is higher because the current price is above the short term average cost.

From the PIE CHART above, even though amount of counter which is [Price<5EMA] is MORE than the amount of counter which is [Price> 5EMA], it shows like little bearish but there are 434 counters are still have short term momentum to go up.

What we need to do is to catch the 1 counter (Maybe more than 1 counter, if you are expert) out of 434 counters to make profit. That’s the exciting part. Sounds simplicity? Yes, it is simplicity provided you have a great method and tool. Say no more, Fiavest System definitely can help trader to achieve this.

In Fiavest theory, we do not afraid of market condition even it is crashing down. Fiavest Academy provides special tool which is Real time Screener for trader to catch and only focus on the potential counter regardless the market condition. Meanwhile, we are discipline to apply trading management to reduce our RISK to super low level.

Market bullish or bearish is not the concern at all to Fiavest as we only concern to that individual counter that could probably make good profit for us for that day. This is how professional short term trader or Day trader do their trades.

***Market condition indicates individuals stock’s stage; bottom, uptrend, maturity (stop-dropping, moderate/mitigate frequency momentum)

Market condition is not the cause that make you losing money, but the market condition is a signal that indicating individuals stock’s stage, whereby you could focus on right stock in certain stage.***